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Flag of Terpsichore

The flag of Terpsichore.

Terpsichore is the mainworld of the Terpsichore System and the capital of Terpsichore Sector.

It joined the Independent Coalition of Systems in 243 AKR, along with the other worlds of the Church of Terpsichore.

Terpsichore is ruled directly by the Church of Terpsichore, which has a large influence over most of the sector. It is the home/origin of said Church. The rule of the Church is quite dictatorial, and there have been a number of uprisings against it over the years, leading to civil wars. Worlds that resisted the Church have occasionally been invaded, and the Church/Terpsichore government have been accused of a number of rights violations in said invasions and the civil wars.

90% of the population lives in a single city, Terpsichore City.

The flag of Terpsichore is a vertical tricolour. The left and right bars are black, and the middle bar is white. In the middle bar, at the centre of the flag, is a red six-pointed cross, the symbol of the Church of Terpsichore.