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Facts In Brief[]

Population: total--13, 479, 822, 119

Climate: average yearly temperature: 290 MDU

Government: Mayor-Council


Only 2% of all Tetanus City inhabitants were born and raised in the city; the majority of these people are here for its industrial status. Tetanus City is Sendis's most historical and industrial city, second only to Delar City in Benfied State, the largest city on Moscarde. The city attracts nearly 40 000 new immigrants each year.

Ethnic Groups

Tetanus City is most culturally diverse city in the Hertolis System. Almost 63% of the city's population is comprised of "Off-Landers"--people from other worlds. The majority of these off-landers are from Malodi, Moscarde's closest neighbor in the Hertolis System. Thirty percent of the Moscarde-born Tetaus City inhabitants are Ellish, Sendulian, Ciuviac, Linew, Antroyan, Menstisak or Dendis. Very few of the people in this city were born here.