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Common Attribution: Tetnik

Categorical Attribution: Geneserians

Population Detail: N/A

Evolutionary System: Genesehres System

Base Language: Tetnithit

Civilization class: Type A: Intergalactic Society


Tetnik are a warm-blooded bipedal mammalian species somewhat similar in appearance to Kelosians, but differ in that they are completely hairless, save almost undetectable hairs on their fingers as well as possessing a third eye located on the forehead. Tetnik have gray skin and three fingers on each hand, two index fingers and one thumb. Tetnik are an extremely intelligent species but are technology-dependant, and as a result, have discovered a way to permanently extend their lifespans long ago using a machine called an Atom-Generator.

Tetnik are born with the ability to manipulate things with their mind, a sort of telekinesis, which makes up for their two missing fingers. Tetnik are able to mindspeak from birth as well. The reason that they have these extraordinary abilities are because of extremely complicated chemical interactions in their incandescent lobe (so named because the chemical reactions cause it emit glows that are invisible to the naked eye as it extends beyond the visual spectrum). Tetnik are a docile, peace-loving species, but due to their experiments with quantum-physics and almost all other areas of science and technology, they are armed with powerful weaponry such as the World-Splitter, which has the ability to rip planets in half in a matter of seconds. Most of their technology is unknown to outside species due to their extreme secrecy.

Tetniks reproduce sexually.

The most powerful Tetnik society is the one on Reex, which consists of approximately 24 billion individuals. Most established Tetnik societies consist of over 10 billion individuals, and there are never records of natural death, so in most societies reproduction is illegal, unless they are a small colony.

Tetnik first reached outside the Basilicus Prime Galaxy in 20,138 GST using some sort of teleportation device, nicknamed Tetfreighter by the Tetnik, that's whereabouts are unknown to other species or even to any Tetnik that is not on the Genesehres Council. This technology allowed them to transport themselves outside the galaxy in a matter of seconds. It is also rumored that, using this technology, a small group of Tetnik sent out by the Council made it to the outside of the Basilicus Prime Cluster, and though possible this is unconfirmed and purely speculation among the public.

Height: 11.315 MDU

Weight: 20.845 SMU

Normal Lifespan: 92 GY

Enhanced Lifespan: Unknown, as there are no records of a deceased enhanced Tetnik.


Tetnik are so secretive that not much is known about their original culture, but Tetnik culture on their known habited planets differ greatly from one another, the only similarity is the legend told of the Atom-Generator.


Tetnik first travelled to outside galaxies after the creation of the Atom-Generator and the permanent extending of their lifespans, which are still unknown because there is no record of an enhanced Tetnik dying.

Notable Tetnik[]