The Battle of the Lost Planet is the legendary battle fought around a planet that appeared out of nowhere, near the Kelos System. The forces were the Kelos Defenders, made up of the Ednardians, Kras and Ocurog and the Trel Empire and its allies, made up of the Trel, Mumbitanians, Uberbeasts, Titans and the Arrqs. After a violent space battle in which two of the Ocurog capital ships were destroyed and one of the Titan carrier ships, both armies landed on the planet. After a vicious battle, the Kelos Defenders were running out of reinforcements when a brave Ocurog fighter pilot went kamikaze and drove his ship straight into the Mumbitanian controller ship. The Mumbitanians believing that their Trel commanders were the evil Lizardmen in their legends they joined the Kelos Defenders side. The Hugrof brought a hacking channel for the Mumbitanians so they could hack into the Titans minds and send them insane. The Trel, withdrawing their troops, decided to engage in a strategic retreat. The Ednardians however had been teleported into one of the Vessels of Gold and Silver, whereupon they used the ship as the Flagship for a warfleet made up of Mumbitanians, Ednardians, Kras, Ocurog, Kelosians, Highlords and Helics. The retreating Trel fleet was decimated by the Kelos Defenders.

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