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Destruction from space dark planet

The Darkstar System is made up of six planets which orbit the Darkstar Salum. These planets are, in order of their proximity to Salum:





Hepton A 

Hepton B

Of these only the first four are habitable, (although small areas of Hepton A and B have been terraformed for use as penal colonies and monasteries) and all have developed sentient life completely independent of one another. None of these planets are particularly remarkable, however the star which they revolve around is unique in the Ellion Arm.

The Darkstar is in fact an incredibely old, incredibely huge star which, instead of imploding when it got too old, continued to age to the point where it is quite possibly the oldest thing in the entire Basilicus Prime Cluster. How this could happen, and how the star still gives out heat despite its dark, dead appearance, is a mystery which continues to baffle scientists.


For hundreds of thousands of years the sentient life forms of Trill, Gillaria, Samark and Dundine existed in complete ignorance of one another, each secure in the knowledge that they were alone in their universe. Then, less than 500 years prieviously, scientists employed by a powerful Gillarian sect, The Church of the Godstar, discovered the secrets behind interplanetary travel. The scientists created a detailed blueprint of the engines and technologies involved and were promptly killed, to preserve the Church's monopoly on space travel.

Early probes were sent to Trill, the closest planet to Gillaria, which is mainly covered in water, and reported the existence of civilisation to the Church. When it learnt of this new development, the Church ordered the creation of a monastery on Trill and sent out missionaries to oversee the conversion of the locals. This strategy worked with considerable success, and soon large parts of the local population had sworn their loyalty to the Godstar and its Gillarian representatives.

Buoyed on by their success the Church sent further probes to Trill's sister planet, Samark, to Dundine, and even as far as Hepton A, with the express intention of converting the entire Darkstar system.