Within the Solus Game, The Dominion of Territories is the governing body of most of the Galaxy, and is considered one of the three "factions" that exist within the game.

As a faction[]

Considered by many players as the "good" faction, the Dominion seeks peace and tranquility in the galaxy, but they are not one to force worlds to join and allow planets to join and leave if they so desire. Players who align themselves with the Dominon act as peace keepers, traveling to various planets to assist in political and military matters. The payoff for these missions tend to depend on the difficulty of the mission. 

As a government[]

The Dominion has been experiencing a great time of peace, but until the day that the Solus Game came online, that all changed. Players sought out Knowledge Shards across the galaxy, and the result has been disastrous, as it brought about the origins of the Shrall