The Imperial War Arsenal is also known as the department of Armament and Military Technology of Imperialia (AMTI). The department is a special service branch that provides and supplements all combat forces with arms in Imperialia. Trespassing into an AMTI lab can spell the death penalty fo not only the trespasser, but also the trespasser's family and closest friends.

List of All Weapons as Registered[]

Galactic and Outerspace Weapons[]

  • Imperial Blasters TXMP Series
  • Imperial Blasters ATGG Series
  • Imperial Blasters XTYQ Series
  • Imperial Railgun 87ER Series
  • Imperial Railgun 37ER Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery 2120 Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery 3130 Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery 4140 Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery 7170 Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery RT12 Series
  • Imperial Space Artillery RT62 Series
  • Chaos Proton Missiles
  • Mayhem Laser Missiles
  • Havoc Laser Missiles
  • Imperial Double Proton Missiles
  • Korches Concussion Torpedoes Series 1
  • Korches Concussion Torpedoes Series 8
  • Daq-Merng Warhead Rockets A Series
  • Daq-Merng Warhead Rockets B Series
  • Imperial Focus Blast Rockets
  • Imperial Energy Cannon Mk 1
  • Imperial Energy Cannon Mk 2
  • Imperial Shockwave Blasters Series 4

Internal Aerospace Weapons[]