The appearances of the Magika Winds.


The Magika Winds were birthed in the mountains of the icy blue moon, Magika. The Magika Winds are intelligent beings that watch over the waters and air of the planets in the Ishikna System. The Magika Winds know everything, from the past that a person never knew they had, to the present they didn't know exist, to the future that no one thought would soon come. The more passionate Magika Winds are darker in color and hide during the morning, and appear more in the night. The Magika Winds are commanded by Magika, they are commanded by the moon itself, and are very beautiful. The Winds are more closely related to Air Nymphs from mythology in "The Milky Way". The Magika Winds protected the beautiful Princess Saki ever sense birth because Saki was born to defeat the High Lord Shikra (When High Lord Shikra took over, Princess Saki was born). The Magika Winds had left Magika and guided their way to the beautiful icy planet known as Sakusmi, though, others were stuck going to the red planet known aas Sinicka, and others to the purple planet known as Mokvira. Some Magika Winds became solid enough to be considered a Solalucian, and were even married to Mokvirans, Sakusmians, Aivans, and even Sinickans.

Planets in Which They Exist[]

  1. Aviaia (population of Magika Winds: 100)
  2. Sinicka (population of Magika Winds: 71)
  3. Mokvira (population of Magika Winds: 89)
  4. Sakusmi (population of Magika Winds: 390)
  5. Iciknisa (population of Magika Winds: 100)
  6. Sakana (population of Magika Winds: 150)
  7. Minicari (population of Magika Winds: 200)

Magikans (Winds)[]

  1. Solcticia
  2. Simika
  3. Magiali
  4. Ahishi
  5. Kaku
  6. Mikia
  7. Seake


The Magika Winds believe in one Goddess that created the oceans from which everything came, they named her Magika, and believed that the goddess resided in the coldest regions of Magika (Magika Tundra). They believed that the goddess gave them their power and the help to use it.