The Wuggie master is the leader of all wuggies and is treated like a god by them.


The Wuggie master isn't actually a wuggie, he seems to be very similar to a mammal yet he has reptile traits. As before, it seems he can lead the wuggies because he has a more individual thoughts, the wuggies find it hard to think on their own. The Wuggie master has a Kelosian body with a tail and several small horns on the top of his head. He also has a cybernetic implant on his back. This has two wings and two robotic tentacles.


The Wuggie master does not like very smelly cheeses as they are "an assault on my sense of smell". The Wuggie master enjoys being sarcastic because none of his comrades understand. Although all wuggies respect him he is the one thing they don't understand because of his "strange" sense of humour. It seems that all his humour is derived from irony, confusion and then people getting blown up by ironic or confusing situations. Many people, wuggies, kelosians and mumbitanians hope he will soon change to a more conventional sense of humour. To be honest this is a very futile hope. However, Ednardians share his unique sense of humour, they hope the wuggie master will keep this sense of humour until he dies(which is estimated to be 40,000 years). This will probably happen.