Common AttributionEdit[]


Categorical AttributionEdit[]

Primidae Masces Thorum[]

Evolutionary Star SystemEdit[]

Kirad system

Evolutionary PlanetEdit[]


Star Systems of ProminenceEdit[]

Kajjar, Kirad,

Population DataEdit[]

7.2 billion Thorans are reported alive. A total 3.2 billion are living in the Kirad system, mainly on Georgia.

Civilization ClassEdit[]


Social & Political Structure(s)Edit[]

Democratic. The entireity of their civilization and territories consist of 5 districts, each run by a political party, headed by a governance council. Every 5 years, the parties nominate 3 of their own to run for their parties seat on the High Council, the supreme planetary governance force. Simultaneously, the former council member run for the Occupation of Supreme Consular, the leader of the council. After the elections, the council gathers every rotation to deliberate on various subjects. The Consular is not the supreme force, but he is priveleged. His vote can only be defied if at least 3 councilmembers oppose it. The council can also vie for a public vote, where every adult citizen may vote.[]

The social structure is strictly confined to intelligence and one's actions. The kindest and wisest citizens are highly revered, as are the government figures, scientists, and diplomats. Adults of average attributes are in the middle. Except for the unusually smart, most children were slightly beneath an average adult. Criminals are considered the lowest by the general populace.

Thee Thorians are currently part of the B.I.R.