Thwendiel is composed of three continents. Telyéria is the biggest continent, accounting for thirty eight percent of all the land mass. Naléria accounts for thirty percent and Sonéria accounts for twenty four percent. The other eight percent of all the land mass on the planet is made up of islands. But the total land mass only covers a third of the planet surface. The rest is covered in oceans and other aquatic features such as lakes, rivers, etc. There are many types of land throughout the planet including, deserts, rainforests, forests, plains, grasslands, hill lands and other features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the polar caps.

Thwendiel is host to thousands of different organisms. The two most prominent—which are, incidentally, the only sentient races on the planet—organisms are the Valanyalquë and the Niglisr. The Valanyalquë are superior in almost every way to the Niglisr, both physically and mentally. They also live extraordinarily long lives: usually around 2000 years. Scientists haven't been able to find a definite answer but think there are contributing factors such as their near-immunity to disease, infections, viruses, and the like due to their extremely efficient, adaptable, and intelligent immune system. Also, advances in biotechnology can help to prolong life if seriously wounded in battle; and they have two hearts. But they aren't invulnerable: they can be killed in combat just like any other life form. This being said, it is harder to kill them due to their agility, survivability, and their technology. They live on the continent of Telyéria and have a population of about 640 million

The Niglisr, while not able to match the Valanyalquë, are still strong and intelligent. Several things hold them back from reaching their full potential. Firstly, they aren't one nation, which Antyevala is—the nation of the Valanyalquë; they are divided into several nations with many cultures and variations in power and wealth, and not all these nations agree with each other. However, there exists a United Nations' Alliance (UNA), which consists of members of all countries of Niglisr people. These differences and disputes are negotiated in the UNA. Its main objective is for every nation to be equal, economically, militarily, etc., though they know there are limitations (birth rate, territory). Another thing is their lifespan: around 200 years, just a fraction of the Valanyalquë's (who live about 10 times longer). Also, they know they will never be able to reach up to the heights of Antyevala; they just aren't strong enough or intelligent enough. But, since the signing of the Úrimaurë Accords, Antyevala has been very generous and helpful towards these nations, providing them with much needed aid and developing countries who aren't as developed as others. Antyevala works in conjunction with the UNA on their objectives. The various nations span Naléria and Sonéria and have a population of about 8 billion altogether.

Continents and Nations[]