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Flag of Tianonnis

The flag of Tianonnis.

Tianonnis is the mainworld of the Tianonnis System. It is a major member world (founding member) of the Independent Coalition of Systems, its senator being Roti Lirev.

Tianonnis is not the only inhabited world in the system; Seyavon, its moon, is populated as well. Tianonnis itself has a population of three billion, mostly Iorou and Tian, a variant race.

Tianonnis has a diameter of approx. 9592.752 kdul (15503.806 km). The surface bears no water, but it is scattered with Tian Wells, pits with openings of up to a kilometer in diameter, with (generally) up to a dozen kilometers of depth before one reaches open water. The planet's terrain is divided: the flat lowlands bear plants, at least around the wells, but the air is not very breathable for Iorou or Humans, and dense; most of the population lives on rocky, steep-sided (Monument Valley-like) outcrops, devoid of vegetation and kilometers high, but with more breathable air. These outcrops are connected by cable car tracks.

The flag of Tianonnis has normal dimensions. Its bottom half is (greenish) grey, representing the ground/Tianonnis. Its top half has a dark blue background (representing the sky), with two "rising stars" on the middle line, the left one white, the right one red, representing Tianonnis's two stars.

The government of Tianonnis is a republic. For administrative purposes, the (inhabited) terrain of Tianonnis is divided into 34 provinces, each of which is represented by a governor, and three senators in the Senate of Tianonnis, which also contains 18 non-place-bound senators, giving it a total of 120 members.

The only areas not part of any of the provinces are the Nature Zones, which are mostly (not entirely) uninhabited. For senate purposes, settlements in these Zones are usually linked with the nearest province, or sometimes a non-place-bound senator.

Affiliation: ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems


In 80'667 BKR, several exploration ships from the Galactic Republic of Avopei-Larru arrived in the system and discovered the Tian. They are believed to have descended from Iorou which arrived from a cryogenic storage ship a few thousand years before. By 80'667 BKR, the Tian had a technology level similar to Earth's early Middle Ages, and largely lived only in what is now the province of Tian Akra, in which the storage ship is believed to have crashed.