See also Avopei-Larru Calendar.

  • 5,151,640 BKR: Yuci receives galactic recognition.
  • 498,321 BKR: Crelina, the homeworld of the Iorous, receives galactic recognition.
  • 324,148 BKR: The Republic Against Tyranny founded.
  • 234,004 BKR: Crelinic colonisation ship Destiny lands on Aqualis, at the future location of Lita.
  • 20 AKR: Capital is colonised, to provide a new capital for the ICS.
  • 22 AKR: Capital officially becomes the capital of the ICS.
  • 547 AKR: First Galactic War Begins.
  • 957 AKR: Repopulation efforts of Silei begin.
  • 1118 AKR: Capital of the ICS is moved back to Silei.
  • 2752 AKR: The "present".