on a galactic scale

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Listed are the highlights of interstellar civilization in the galaxy. These are only the highlights and only events that had interstellar impact are listed.

The following dates are listed as GST.

The current time is 22148 GST or 34980-09-61 3:71:71 DT


Early life[]

  • c.−9,570,000,000 GST (−15.1 billion DT): Beginning of the Universe.
  • c.−9,000,000,000 GST (−14.2 billion DT): Various prehistoric species of blovion evolve as the first forms of life in the galaxy.
  • c.−5,000,000,000 GST (−7.9 billion DT): Rovese colonies, the first organic structures to provide growth limitations on early blovion, first emerge somewhere in the Delta Mitra star system.

First era/Antheonic era (c. −4.5 billion GST to −2 billion)[]

  • c.−4,500,000,000 GST (−7.11 billion DT): Antheons evolved and civilized on Planet Eon, of the Antheon System.
  • c.−4,000,000,000 GST (−6.318 billion DT): The Antheonic exodus. Antheons leave their home Planet Eon for the planet Buvios, presumably to avoid a cataclysm.
  • c.−3,999,500,000 GST (−6.317 billion DT): First attempt at interstellar travel through relative reversal. The Antheons arrive in the Ovar System.
  • c.−3,999,000,000 GST (−6.316 billion DT): First wave of colonization. Over 2,000 worlds are terraformed under relative reversal technology.
  • c.−3,998,500,000 GST (−6.315 billion DT): First evidence of early Latinians evolving in the Basilicus Prime Galaxy in Vaticania Alpha I System (coming soon).
  • c.−3,000,000,000 GST (−4.74 billion DT): Antheonic Rings are invented and construction is spread throughout the galaxy.

Silent era (c. −2 billion GST to 0 GST)[]

  • c.−2,000,000,000 GST (−3.16 billion DT): Antheonic Ring construction, terraformation, and exploration suddenly ceases. Antheons remain settled and stable.
  • c.−200,000,000 GST (−316 million DT): Antheons disappear, leaving behind the Antheonic Rings and Vessels of Gold and Silver.

Second era/Ancient era/Helic era (c. 0 GST to 17,000 GST)[]

  • c. 0 GST (0 DT): Helics activated the first Antheonic Ring since the disappearance of the Antheons
  • c. 100 GST (158 DT): First sighting of the Destroyer
  • c. 6,500 GST (10266 DT): Helics encounter several species in their journey and begin setting up alliances in what would later be called the Ancient Covenant.
  • c. 7,000 GST (11056 DT): Helics formalize a process on exposing sentient species into interstellar status and create standard systems of measurement and mapping. Many systems created in this time are still used by major civilizations through the present. This was the first time Helics began referring to the galaxy as “Basilicus Prime”.
  • 9,104 GST (14379 DT): Joshua creates Genesehres II-V with permission from the original Genesehres Council using the Atom-Generator.
  • 10,015 GST (15818 DT): The War of the Ancients begins.
  • 10,016 GST (15819 DT): The War of the Ancients ends.
  • 12,647 GST (19975 DT): The Dark Time begins.
  • c. 13,150 GST (20769 DT): A small group of Forseers are transported to Jijitris, while a few hundred Kelosians are transported to Aragithia.
  • 15,110 GST (23865 DT): The Second War of the Ancients occurs.
  • 15,114 GST (23871 DT): The Second War of the Ancients ends, the Atom-Generator is destroyed and outlawed.

Third era/Highlord era (c. 17,000 GST to 22,000 GST)[]

  • c. 17,000 GST (26850 DT): Highlords leave Crystaldeep for the Highlord System after a tragedy that nearly wiped the species out
  • 18,868 GST (29800 DT): The Vendian Empire is formed in Crystaldeep.
  • 19,147 GST (30241 DT): The Dark Time ends with the creation of the Albian spacecraft Startide.
  • 19,347 GST (30557 DT): First Redemption War begins.
  • 19,390 GST (30625 DT): Destroyer devours eight sentient worlds
  • 19,560 GST (30893 DT): The Ancestor (of Hollowstar) leaves Crystaldeep with Antheonic assistance. Kelosian civilization remains a type D civilization and would later independently develop spacefaring technology.
  • c. 20,000 GST (31588 DT): Highlords are exposed to interstellar society by the Helics and begin their own series of exploration, including assisting their distant evolutionary cousins the Kelosians on Crystaldeep in what was called the Arcane Council.
  • 20,382 GST (32192 DT): The Kingdom of Cresia, which later becomes the Cresian Empire, is founded.
  • 20,432 GST (32271 DT): Isenel and Hurion are officially named the Queen and King of the Highlord System.
  • 21,538 GST (34017 DT): The Cresian Empire is absorbed by the Vendian Empire.
  • 21,635 GST (34171 DT): The lesser ancestors create the Hollowstar System.
  • 21,858 GST (34523 DT): Refugees from Hollowstar arrive on Peresedas.
  • 21,867–21,840 GST (34537–34494 DT): Highlords inadvertently expose the Dweii to interstellar society.
  • 21,492 GST (33945 DT): Forseers achieve space travel, and become a type C civilization.
  • 21,650 GST (34194 DT): Forseers achieve interstellar travel, and become a type B civilization.
  • 21,800 GST (34410 DT): The Borvari discover the Antheonic Rings, and become a type B civilization.
  • 21,901 GST (34591 DT): Negatron creates the Quord System.

Modern era/Fourth era/Kelosian era (from c. 22,000 GST)[]

  • 21,940 GST (34652 DT): Colonists from the Malegus System arrive in the Hollowstar System.
  • 21,972 GST (34703 DT): The Woog depart from Crystaldeep and settle in the Notillius System.
  • 21,997 GST (34742 DT): The Arrqs preemptively invade the Kelos System taking the interstellar community by surprise.
  • 21,998 GST (34744 DT): The Arrqs are driven out of the Kelos System by an alliance of Kelosians, Highlords and Helics. Kelosian civilization becomes a type B civilization.
  • 21,999 GST (34746 DT): The Cresii begin their migration and leave the Kelosian System.
  • 22,001 GST (34749 DT): The Cresii arrive at the Cresian System, settling in Cresia.
  • 22,009 GST (34761 DT): Nivallan System is settled by Communications Plus, Inc.
  • 22,020 GST (34779 DT): Rannellan Party leaves the Kelosian System and starts a civilization in the Rannellan System.
  • 22,105 GST (34913 DT): Helic Civil War begins between Puritans and Inversities.
  • 22,110–22,111 GST (34921–34922 DT): Congressional War between Redemptionists and the Congress of Crystaldeep.
  • 22,110 GST (34921 DT): First sign of life in the Kirr Sector
  • 22,110 GST (34921 DT): The Warped Wars occurs. Warped species spread across Aragithia.
  • 22,110 GST (34921 DT): The Waterbe discover interstellar travel.
  • 22,134 GST (34959 DT): The inhabitants of the Hollowstar System harness the power of the Pixie Star to stabilize their society.
  • 22,146 GST (34978 DT): Nivall Incident. Congress of Crystaldeep demands trade embargo on Rannella System creating a siege of the system.
  • 22,146 GST (34978 DT): The Kirr achieve space travel and become a class C civilisation.
  • 22,147 GST (34979 DT): Destroyer reportedly seen at the edge of Basilicus Prime. Tensions begin to grow as it approaches...
  • 22,147 GST (34979 DT): The Kirr achieve interstellar travel and become a class B civilisation. The Kirr find a rogue Antheonic Ring. The Aman, also natives of Aedor, are banished into the Darkworlds Sector
  • 22,148 GST (34981 DT) [present]: The Battle of the Lost Planet
  • 22,148 GST (34981 DT) [present]: All Latinian Imperia contribute ships to a fleet, which is supposed to find new galaxy. This means that the Latinians are standing with one foot in being a Type B civilization, with the other in being a Type A civilization.
  • 22,148 GST (34981 DT) [present]: Destroyer eats Shraak VII, but strangely does not eat the sun.