The noblest ships ever designed by the Telian Space Protectorate, only 5 were ever built due to its expensive costs for maintaining and constructing. These ships may be the slowest, but perhaps their advanced armament and impenetrable armour makes these ships as destructive and deadly as asteroids shower. The X3RT Neutron Weapon as the frontal gun makes it an effective weapon against armoured ship. They were never the pride of the Telian Space Protectorate, due to their monstrous looks and slow speeds. The intentions were not to build a battleship this large or ugly, but the main intentions were to built an indestructible command centre so as to better communicate orders to the crews of other battleships. The crew complement of this class of ship is 1,600 to 2,300.

Other Information
Speed 0.003 SDU/STU
Operational Range 5,000 SDU