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Scientific name: Tyrannotherium Sapiens

Evolutionary Star System: Shvooska System

Star Systems of Prominence:

Civilization class: Type A: Intergalactic Society


Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Taratisus Arm-->Antheon Sector


A reptilian species long thought to have been extinct. However it was later discovered that pockets of them had survived in the Ignos System. They re-advanced to their previous point and rebuilt their vast empire. They were dying out because of disease so they sent probes across the galaxy to engender civilization amongst the stars. Only one of their probes survived and it landed on Trios. The Tridans combined Trel DNA and Tridan DNA and forged a warrior species known only as the Trel-Hybrid. Most of Trios technology is based on Trel technology. There was a war hundreds of years later because the original Trels wanted to repossess the Trel-Hybrid. The Trels were waging war against the Helics and were threatening to activate the implanted chip in all their "War-drones" various species altered by tvarious means into super-soldiers. These included the Mumbitanians and the Titans. Due to there incredible prowess in the genetics area there are probably thousands more. It is unknown just how advanced they are although there are various legends on primitive planets of a reptilian gods who created them. This hints to incredible technological advancement.Information was uncovered for the Helics: The Mumbitanians, Titans and newly discovered creature the Uberbeasts chips have been activated and the Trel-Hybrids are primed to take over Kelos and all other Kelosian occupied land.

The Trel failed in there attempt to take over the galaxy when they fought the Battle of the Lost Planet. What followed was war that destroyed the Trel Empire. The Mumbitanian Empire swelled with the huge amount of planets that fell under their dominion. Trel are still a serious problem in the galaxy.