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Common Attribution: Trel-Hybrid

Categorical Attribution: Trel-Trios Genetic and Chimaeric Life form

Evolutionary Star System: Shvooska System

Population Data: 90 billion

Civilization class: Type B: Interstellar Society


Trel-Hybrids are tripedal, cloned reptilians.

They are a military minded people mainly because they were bred for warfare. They are not self-destructive, because they act unthinkingly for their Trel commanders. There is no chance that they can rebel. They are bred to obey not to lead. Every single member of the species is male and are cloned in test tubes. However they are highly susceptible to genetic breakdown, for example if one of their arms are blown off, they will lose the genes for that arm. This is a side-effect to the Trel designing them to heal instantaneously. Fortunately Trel-Hybrids can absorb genes through their skin to fill in the gaps in their DNA.

Trel-Hybrids are currently in transit to the Kelos System for the first major invasion from the Trel. They do not yet realise that there is to be an imminent attack from the entire Ocurog fleet.

Evolutionary Analysis[]

Trel-Hybrids developed by the Trel from Trios DNA to be the ultimate warrior. It has several eyes connected in an arch. It has large thick spines on its head. They have thick muscular bodies with massive crushing arms. They have long serrated teeth that each have a long, powerful, coiled muscle attached to each tooth. This allows even a merely grazing wound to cause hideous, crippling and lacerating wounds. The teeth only do this when in battle frenzy. Thaey also have three thick powerful legs to enable speed.

Sociological Analysis[]

Trel-Hybrids are a war-like, brutal species, who live for war. All of the Trel-Hybrid population is in the army. They have no culture aside from weapons practice, endurance tests, weightlifting and weapons development.