Triforite Flag.jpg
Civilization Class
Government Type Autocratic Monarchy
Chief of State Emperor Nystec XXV
Capital City Tri-Imperia
Size 18 Square Cades(II)
Formation Union of 18 Neighbouring tribes and explorers from the continent of North Astion
Alliances -N/A-
Population 65.3 Million
Largest City Tri-Imperia
Official Language Kelosian/Ancient Triford
Anthem Las Impest
Currency Triforite Elite Dollar (TED)
Measurement System Trifor Cades and Feaxes Measure
Primary Imports -N/A-
Primary Exports -N/A-

Triforite is a nation/tribal region/city state on Tarcia, Crystaldeep.

United by Nystec I, the nation struggled to survive. It was not easy for the nation to thrive, but the cost was emperors that subsequently passed away after their efforts. Nystec V saw through the early golden ages of the nation, but civil war broke out and Myrt I of the Icr Tribe took over. The tyrant ruler waged wars with other tribes, which his over-confidence in winning brought him down the throne, with Empress Nystec VI taking over. The first female ruler to unite the country and brought the country back up on its feet again. Generations passed and the nation prospered and thrived. The seasonal disasters only helped the citizens coped with it, and soon the nation was the finest and strongest ever since. Till now, the nation has remained strong and healthy under the most competent ruler of all of Triforite - Nystec XXV.


Triforite may be just a single-city nation, but the fact is that the single city is equivalent to 2 other capital cities of any nation. The city is so big and populated that the military had to be based outside the city outskirts. The Triforite National Guard forms the continental defense, while the Triforite Greddr Galactic Fleet (TGGF) forms the planetary defense. Triforite's army is definitely outnumbered but its forces are no doubt some of the most advanced. The threat of intergalactic pirates forced the nation to build a navy, in which only 2 types of ships serve in it. One of which is the famous Jaaline-veh Cruiser class ships designed by the Telian Space Protectorate, the other being the national pride - Greddr Imperial Armoured Cruiser. A research project for an ultra-weapon is being carried out in a top secret base. The TGGF reveals information that it will soon be done and that the new ultra-weapon is capable of vaporising cities with a single shot, leaving a giant crater in its place.

Current Issues[]

Triforite is currently running low on resources and the birth rate is not matching its production rate. Nystec XXV now declares war on the neighbouring countries, mainly to claim all territories from the Empire of Vendi with the help of the neighbouring tribes. The neighbouring tribes have now formed the Bureaucratic Association of Tarcian Affairs, an association headed by Nystec XXV and to protect the people of Tarcia.