Gerrond, Asof and Lizer are brothers, bound by magic into an experimental military unit. The sorcerer was killed before the brothers saw combat, and the three went their separate ways. However,their lives are still intertwined by the magic that causes only one of them to exist at a time. The one currently "existing" can vanish at will, causing one of the others to reappear elsewhere. While this allows them to protect one another, it prevents them from ever speaking together, and so it is not surprising that they have chosen very different lives since the sorcerer's death.

The Triplet Ghost set was a variation of Geometron's Twin Ghost set.


Gerrond is the oldest brother, four years older than Asof and six years older than Lizer. He wears no armor and wields a two-handed sword.


Asof is two years older than Lizer and four years younger than Gerrond. He has taken the path of a dark cleric, and continually heals himself during combat. He also generates an emotion-manipulating field that causes anyone nearby to attack him - usually futilely. Asof is a sadist, and will often heal his victims just to hear them cry out in pain. Asof's healing is excruciating.

Asof grows his fingernails out to great lengths, and eve nuses healign magic on them to turn them into vicious claws.


Lizer is the youngest of the brothers, six years younger than Gerrond and two years younger than Asof. He is a powerful cleric of <insert healing deity here>.