The Troman High Council is the ruling executive body of the Interstellar Dominion. It elects the Grand Vizier of the Interstellar Dominion who serves for life as chief executive and head of state unless ejected from office by a supermajority of the rest of the council members. It is made up of thirty-two members. Fifteen positions on the Council are hereditary, ten are delegates chosen by each of the core systems, three positions are appointed by the Grand Vizier for life, two positions are elected by the Grand Legislature of the Dominion, and the last two positions are reserved for the Senior Magistrate of the Great Court of Locus and the Supreme Commander of the Interstellar Armed Forces respectively.

The governing power of the Troman High Council is substantial, but it is checked by the rules set down by the Interstellar Unity Charter as well as the oversight of the Grand Legislature of the Dominion and the Interstellar Chamber of Magistrates. Without the cooperation of the several political power centers of the Interstellar Dominion, governing dozens of star systems would be impossible.


All executive power in the central government of the Interstellar Dominion is vested in the thirty-two members, and in practice authority is divided and delegated among the agencies run by individual members and other officials appointed by the Grand Vizier and approved by the council. In this way, the Council enforces the laws of the Dominion and leads in taking on major social and economic problems faced by the populace.

Council Members[]

The Council consists of Grand Vizier of the Interstellar Dominion and thirty-one other councillors who serve as advisers and deputies of the Vizier. After assuming office, the Vizier assigns each member of the Council to serve in a particular leadership position of the executive branch of government. Most work in the Bureau of the Secretariats.

Bureau of Secretariats[]

The day-to-day enforcement and administration of Dominion law is in the hands of the various executive agencies created by the Grand Legislature or the Council itself to deal with specific areas of Interstellar affairs. Each agency is headed by members of the Council.

Agency Leadership Office Jurisdiction
Executive Secretariat Senior Counselor Chief advisers to the Vizier and special staff
Security Secretariat Supreme Commander Military affairs
Jurisprudence Secretariat Supreme Advocate Legal affairs
Public Health Secretariat Public Health Administrator Health care
Transportation Secretariat Transportation Administrator Transportation policy
Communications Secretariat Communications Administrator Datalink Matrix maintenance and government propaganda
Education Secretariat Education Administrator Education policy