Tulsor Republic
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Civilization Class
Government Type Republic
Chief of State Minister Kiros IV
Capital City Black Haven
Size N/A
Formation N/A
Alliances None
Population 4.6 million
Largest City Exador
Official Language Kelosian
Anthem A War Is Never Lost
Currency Tulsoric Dollar (TD)
Measurement System N/A
Primary Imports N/A
Primary Exports N/A

The Tulsor Republic is a nation that resides north-west in North Astion. The Tulsor Republic started off as the small nation Tulsor, which grew into the present-day Tulsor Republic.


The Tulsor Republic is situated north of The Nadelian Federation.The Republic is surrounded by a lush forest. Black Haven, the sacred capital, is marked with a tall silver trident, making it a tourist attraction. In early times however, the trident symbolized might and courage.


The Founding of Tulsor

The Tulsor Republic started out as Tulsor in the late 19th century, named after its founder Drakob Tulsor. The small nation of Tulsor was one of the earliest nations of its time. The nation slowly grew and its people once thought it was the greatest and most advanced nation of its time. However, they were actually the least advanced nation, and they only caught up mid-20th century, under the rule of Venetia Tulsor(Tulsor II), Drakob Tulsor's daughter. Drakob lived on to be 95 before becoming terminally ill. His last wish was to build a large trident in Black Haven.

Becoming a Republic

45 years later, Venetia passed the throne to the first non-Tulsor, Kiros I. Kiros I successfully transformed the growing nation of Tulsor into a republic, and got them into the United North Astion Trade Agreement. Afterwards, he built the trident that Drakob wished for, shortly before his assassination.