Ubai is the third planet from the star Ubain in the Ubain System. It is the capital planet for the Ubaitian Empire and home to 3.6 billion people.



The atmosphere of Ubai is a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen which gives the planet its pale green colour.


The climate of Ubai is an average temperature of 20 degrees but temperatures vary around the planet depending on the season. With its 26 degree tilt, Ubai sees significant fluctuations in its seasons.


There are four continents on Ubai: Travaiso, Tìkenio, Ayluri and Fipota.

Travaiso is the southern most continent on Ubai. It sits squarely in the south pole and is bitterly cold. No Ubaitians live here and the continent only has a few natural species.

Tìkenio is an easterly continent. It is a large continent making up more than half the total land area on Ubai. It has a large tropical forest in the middle, with lush savannah and rolling hills to either side. It is bordered on the west and east by the Great Divide, a large ocean.

Ayluri is a southwestern continent far away from the others. It has lush forests, a large desert and rolling hills; it is where the Ubaitians evolved.

Fipota is an island chain to the north. The largest island contains a large, active volcano.