An Unbinder Generator is a power plant using Matter Unbinding to generate power. Matter Unbinding is a process by which matter is completely converted to energy, with no inefficiency. The classic example of an unbinder generator is Hollowstar's Star Eater.


The preferred method of matter unbinding involves processing matter through a black hole. Due to the difficulty of creating and reforming an ordinary black hole, most Hollowstar functions involving black holes use Space Puncturing, a technique borrowed from Negatron that causes reality to shut down around a certain point, causing everything in a certain range to shift out of existence. Left to itself, such a black hole will change into an ordinary black hole with a mass equal to the mass of whatever fell into it. Unbinder generators remedy that by a variation of the space puncturing operation that flattens space out, causing an explosion of heat and light. The released energy is then harnessed through ordinary means and relayed elsewhere.

The Star Eater[]

Hollowstar's Star Eater is a space-based Unbinder Generator that uses stars for fuel. It transports most of its energy to Pixie Star in the form of laser light, using the remainder to transport itself to the nearest star. Before the creation of Pixie Star, the Star Eater relayed its energy to the lesser ancestors' space ship. While the star eater's energy was used for construction during the time of the lesser ancestors and during the Golden Age of Hollowstar, most of its energy is now radiated as heat and light to the scattered worlds of the Hollowstar System.