The United Kingdoms of Trandoria is the Western-most nation in the continent of Eratreia, and is the second most powerful nation on the planet.


The United Kingdoms of Trandoria were once colonised by the Gothaburg Empire, until the Great Death and the Earth Rumble forced the Gothaburg military to retreat.

Following this, Trandoria, then named Acretia, slowly learnt to mine minerals from the earth and to weave and loom. They began exporting these items to the Gothaburg Empire, causing their wealth to increase.

Trandoria became such when the Trandor family of the North deposed the Royal Baron and executed him, thus taking control themselves. The country was renamed and the currency changed. The Trandor's Empire prospered for five generations of Royals, making more money, increasing their army and gaining more land.

However, the Empire was then inherited by Barnabas the Bonkers, a King suffering from a Royal defect known as Matalakia, which causes hallucinations and madness. King Barnabas was addicted to war. His wife, Queen Armadeia, took control and locked the King in the prison and created a new system - every area in the Land was run by a Lord. These Lord's would meet whenever necessary to discuss the fate of the nation.

King Barnanabas died seventeen years later in a cell in a straitjacket. His son, King Ludo, inherited the Lands. He is the current King. It is feared among the people of Trandoria that he inherited the disease from his father and will slowly fall into madness.


The country is mainly fields, pastures and forests, with vast lakes and rivers splitting them up. However, the country has the ninth tallest mountain in the world, Uks, standing at eleven thousand feet.

The river that flows through the capital is the Moriani. It is over one hundred miles long and stretches from one side of the land to a vast lake in the centre. It is said that in 1350, during a short meteor shower, the river turned and flowed in the opposite direction for two days and two nights, causing boats to collide together.


The capital of the nation is Edras, and has a population of just over sixty million people. It stretches along to the southern coast of the nation. It was temporarily banned from being capital by King Barnabas after a tramp living in the streets spat at his feet. It was reinstated by King Ludo as soon as he came to power.


The population has grown since the Gothaburg military retreated. At the time of the occupation, the population was around forty million. Now, it is at around three hundred million.