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The United North Astion Trade Agreement (UNATA), is a trade and customs union founded by the three major nations in North Astion: The Nadelian Federation, The Tulsor Republic and the United Provinces of the West (UPW).

The UNATA is mainly a free trade union, and all the member nations are self-governing with a few decisision being taken bý the UNATA Secretariat. The most important of these being management of colonies and matters regarding the Congress of Crystaldeep where the UNATA is represented as a sovereign body. Its colonies are governed by an appointed committee for each colony, chosen by the UNATA council of extraterrestrial affairs every five years. In addition to handle the domestic affairs of the colonies as any other government, the committees job is to promote UNATAn monopoly on the colonies' resources. Corporate taxes are high and private industries conducting mining operations and operating factories on the colonies have to pay heavy tariffs when exporting. The fact that the committee is appointed and not elected has, in many parts of Kelosian space, raised serious questions about how democratic the UNATA actually is.

The UNATA currently includes all twelve nations in North and Central Astion and governs 18 extraterrestrial colonies.

It has the greatest influence in the Congress of Crystaldeep.

Member nations and colonies[]

Member nations on Crystaldeep

Colonies governed by UNATA

  • Tarulo
  • Trios
  • Zekor
  • Artir
  • Werika
  • New Tulsor
  • Khastor
  • Khor
  • Zoe
  • Tribs
  • Hope
  • Tapu
  • Iro
  • Tias
  • Sundei
  • Risi
  • Light
  • Dolci