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  • Novodantis

    Continue to Worldbuild

    December 5, 2013 by Novodantis

    Full time work and trying to edit a novel that's been written for four years, makes it rather hard to do something like Basilicus. However, to me it fits that slot of a little back-burner project that you just drop in on every month or so, add a little here and there and check out what others have been up to. So I'd just like to say I intend to continue working on the Kasperion sector and its surroundings. Happy worldbuilding!

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  • Novodantis

    Well I've immediately fallen behind on doing the work I'd hoped to toward Basilicus, primarily the galactic map, thanks to the timewasting actions of the losers behind the Blackhole Exploit Kit, which has afflicted my website just recently. So thanks to them, I have been wasting my weekend trying to restore my website to non-infected working order. Moral of the story? As always, back up everything as much as possible. And delete any comment that looks even slightly shifty.

    Apologies to the good people of Basilicus. I will be back soon.

    Novodantis (talk) 13:55, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Novodantis

    Subcategory Assignment

    August 29, 2012 by Novodantis

    One thing I would be interest to hear of anyone's opinion about is the use of Categories that are within Categories. Take planets as an example:

    Hexar is an Inhabited Planet, so it has that category added. So far, so good. It is therefore a Planet, but then Inhabited Planets is a subcategory of Planets, so effectively it is under that category already. However, we can ALSO add Planets as a category to Hexar, making it a member of both; despite one category containing the other (as an example of this, check out Terronia).

    The Terronia method can be useful in that the page Planets would then give a list of all planets whether inhabited or not. But on the other hand, the idea you can have something that's an Inhabited Planet but somehow not a Planet makā€¦

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  • Novodantis

    Well I suppose I might as well make use of this to communicate what I'm actually doing on here. As some may have noticed, I am working purely on the Kasperion Sector and its races & empires. As some may also notice, they are based on a previously made universe (that I created in my teens) and as such I have a lot of gaps where I already have an idea of what will go there. I'd like to think their Basilicus incarnation will give me a chance to develop them in a way I wasn't planning on doing as part of my professional writing.

    Please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas. Cheers.

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