Valdi is the second planet from the star Ubain in the Ubain system. It is a warm planet with average temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Celsius. It is home to approximately 2.4 billion Valdians

Valdi has six continents: Pali, Osor, Epend, Ohoya, Oyos and Acux.


Pali means south. It is the southern most continent on Valdi, and extremely cold. Valdians do not live here permanently.

Osor means north. It is the northern most continent on Valdi, and also extremely cold.

Epend is a continent in the southeast. It has a lush rainforest that covers most of the continent. The largest river on Valdi flows here. The temperature is very tropical.

Ohoya is a continent north of Epend. It is mostly rolling hills and flat grassland, but near the western coast there is a mountain chain called Sigir Almentori 'Colossal Peaks' as they are the largest mountains on Valdi.

Oyos is a small continent in the northwest; it is made up of a small mainland and hundreds of little islands spreading hundreds of kilometres. Most of the islands are habitable but are uninhabited.

Acux is a continent on the equator. It sits almost directly in the middle of the other continents. This is where the Ubaitians first landed on Valdi and settled. Acux means 'middle ground'.