The Valka System is a stellar system. Its primary star is the Valka Star, a yellow dwarf that has unstable radiation discharges.


This system contains 12 planets:


The closet planet to Valka, unstable due to volcanic activity, might be able to harness geothermal energey. No Atmosphere


A little cooler than Yuriel, however it is a barren rock, that has large deposits of nuclear materials, was utilized for this reason with the creation of the first rift drives that used nuclear substances as fuel. No Atmosphere


Just out of the habitable zone, but is a candidate for terraforming.


Jediua is a large purple gas giant, with 5 rings made of fragments of a large meteror that most likely passed through the system. Mainly contains carbon and helium.


Habitable, it contains an oxygen based atmosphere but is a little warm for most species.


Habitable, it is in the comfortable range of most species.


Habitable, usually this planet is to cold for life, but the native dominant species are the Wulfren .


Just out of the Frenya range of habitiation, this planet is covered in a mask of sulfer oxide, a lot of intensive terraforming would be needed to make this planet habitable.


Has a thin oxygen atmosphere, but due to its small size almost no gravity.


A strange planet, it contains a thick hydrogen based atmosphere that retains almost all heat, lots of flora, but almost all is either poisonous or carnivores.


Large rock planet, no atmosphere.


The furthest planet, high in carbon compounds and other precious materials, covered in thick layer of glassy like material. Thin carbon atmosphere.

Native species[]

The dominant native species is the Wulfren, large humanoid creatures, mostly covered in hair, well suited for the cold, two legs and two arms, five clawed finger, and five clawed toes. Two eyes and ears, a mouth with lots of sharp teeth, well suited for their main diet, meat.