on a galactic scale

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Age: N/A

Race: Highlord

Height: 11.315 MDU

Weight: 43.358 SMU

Hair color: white, average length

Eye color: gray


Godspell, an indestructible sword made of unique ions with magical properties, and was created by Vangel during his last experiment before being exiled.

Shua Armor, which covers his entire body excluding his head, allows him to survive in any climate no matter what the outside elements are (heat, no air, cold, etc.)


Due to a mutation caused by an unknown chemical compound, Vangel can manipulate the atoms of non-living things in any way, shape, or form, at unmeasurable speeds. Combining this skill with his sword Godspell, he can reach great distances with his weapon, and he can collect his armor to one area to protect a vital area better.


Vangel Ion was shunned from Highlord society due to his dangerous experiments and outrageous claims that he was able to control the atoms of inanimate objects. Shamed, Vangel built a spaceship and found the small planet of Aragithia. Settling in secret, he soon discovered the presence of Kelosians but the absence of modern technology. The discovery that the entire planet was oblivious to the many galaxies outside its atmosphere astonished Vangel, and provided him a safe environment from his past with the Highlords.