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Flag of Varlsidor

The flag of Varlsidor.

Varlsidor is the mainworld of the Varlsidor System. It is a founding member of the Independent Coalition of Systems.

Varlsidor lies on one of the Yiruil Space Trade Routes, an important one between Crelina and Silei.

Varlsidor is known for its hellish terrian, with large amounts of the land consisting of black igneous rock, and oceans of lava. Liquid (including some acid oceans) covers 49.75% of the planet.

Varlsidor's primary industry is the mining of rare crystals that form on the edges of the oceans.

The flag of Varlsidor is a horizontal tricolour. The top and bottom stripes are orange, and the middle stripe is black. This represents Varlsidor's iconic terrain.