Children of Chimera

A Planet on the fringes of the Ven sector looking out at a nearby nebula.

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Sixty years after the Rebellion on Titan, the Ven empire finally developed an effective method of interstellar travel, and spread out into the surrounding star systems. Similar to how the Ven conquered the Raflix of Eurpoa, any creatures found by the Ven Empire and were deemed useful, were eventually conquered and bio engineered for a greater use among the Empir .

The Sector itself stretches across six light years and is comprised of more than one hundred star systems and two hundred planets or moons, each of them conquered by the Ven. While the Ven had a vast control, their oppressive way of life commonly sparked rebellions within the conquered races. In some instances, rebelling races took entire planets from the control of the empire, but their freedom was usually short lived as the Ven sent powerful Navy ships to retake the lost worlds.