'The Vessels of Gold and Silver' is the collective name given to the spacecraft of the Antheons. They are the oldest known spacecraft in the universe, being over 2 Gda old. Several surviving examples are maintained throughout the Basilicus Prime galaxy and are considered one of the most scientifically and historically important types of Antheonic relics, ranking alongside the Antheonic Rings.

Door Mechanisms[]

From the mind of Negatron

Antheon ships have been opened in many ways. The earliest ships simply required turning a handle, but only three designs still exist today - none of which are so simple.

Gamma-Triggered Door[]

Our earliest spacecraft were opened by a code given in high-frequency radiation. Upon receiving the code from an appropriate angle, part of the wall would break off and swing downward. Once open, the door could only be closed from within. However, the door-closing mechanism could be set to a delay, allowing everyone to exit before the door closed.

Wormhole-Triggered Door[]

These spacecraft were built at the beginning of our wormhole technology, but before it was fully formed. The door could only be opened from within, but the opening mechanism was sensitive enough that it could be triggered from outside with our primitive wormhole technology. These ships were at first the property of the elite, but when our wormhole technology reached full maturity, they became the toys of commoners.

Pure-Wormhole Door[]

The last spacecraft we created had no doors at all, but had to be forcibly opened and closed by Antheon space-distortion technology. These ships were merely luxuries, since any Antheon capable of opening them could also fly across the galaxy unaided. However, these ships were also very durable - not one of them has ever been destroyed.

The pure-wormhole door consisted of a small channel of primed wormholes inserted on the inside wall of the ship where the driver was expected to enter. An Antheon who wished to enter the ship would activate those wormholes, forming a small hole in the side of the ship. The Antheon would then reshape space, allowing himself to walk through the small hole with ease. Once inside, he would put space back to normal, and trigger the wormholes again, causing them to plug the hole. Upon reaching his destination, he would exit in the same manner. The ship had protective systems, based on the same principle, to prevent it from being pulled apart in the void of space. These protective systems also prevent it from being transported by Zea technology, which is why all of them were left behind when the Antheons left the galaxy.