Skin Color

Hair Color Blue/Purple
Eye Color Yellow
Average Height 158.4 MDU
Life Span 100 Jeji Years


Common Name[]


Native Name[]

Aedatani Danouarous

Native System[]


Migrated System[]



1.63 Billion

Civilization Class[]

Type C

Social & Political Structure[]

The Vivilny prefer to avoid interaction with any one, even those within their own species. They come together only to mate and then they go about their ways. This prevents any government from staying together for very long. The Danouarri family is the only known Vivilny Family to extend out of the system.

Species Information[]


The Vivilny species are believed to be descendents of the Aedatani who went to help protect the Independent Coalition of Systems; these Aedatani were rejected when they returned to Jeji in about 10 AKR. They quickly began to wander the galaxy; eventually about 20 of them found, what was then an unknown system. Upon descent of the major planet, the Onali species were first observed. The Onali ate about 14 of the 20 in the group; this, coupled with the limited oxygen in the atmosphere, caused the people to build space stations above the planet.

Biological Characteristics[]

The Vivilny are bipedal creatures that have two arms and two feet. They are not very resistant to cold temperature, but have a light covering of body hair on the entire body, except for the face. The Vivilny's eyes are adept for use in dark light, with limited bright light ability. The Vivilny have a diminished sense of taste, which has limited them to only sweet and bitter tastes. The Vivilny are extrodinarily tall, on average being 158.4 MDU, this has changed greatly from when they first arrived.

Ecological Influences[]

The environment provides no gravity and therefore, greatly influenced the biology of the Vivilny people. When they arrived the average height was about 16.02 MDU, and due to the lack of gravity, they experienced a rapid increase in overall height, quickly reaching the 158 MDU height in a time of about 100 Jeji Years. The separation from the Aedatani culture, made them lose their warrior nature.