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Vulcan Mining Co. (VMC)
Headquarters Kadua, Riana
Membership 1,000,000 workers
Official languages Jaggan; Cardai
Organization Head CEO Artero Grenn
Formation 446 AFE



Vulcan Mining Co. Logo

Vulcan Mining Co. is a corporation that makes most of its profits on gas mining. They own gas mines on Argonn and Ygana, which are used to supply energy and chemical weaponry for the Eternal Empire

Its CEO, Artero Grenn, is one of the richest men in the entire Empire, and he now lives in Kadua, Riana, where the corporation tower, known as Vulcan Tower, is based. It is the second tallest structure on the planet of Riana, second only to the Citadel of Knowledge, Riana's most sacred and cherished building. VMC is the only organization in the business of gas mining in the Empire, creating a massive monopoly and enterprise within the Empire's infrastructure.

Ever since Arven of Hunter City started exploration, VMC has benefited a lot from his discoveries, waiting for another discovery of a gas giant in another far away system, and another opportunity for profit. As a result, VMC has sponsored Arven's explorations, giving him starships, supplies, and money for Arven's various exploits.