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The Wachi are a nomadic tribe of hunters in the Southern Tribelands of Arnasia in Authlanis. They survive on the plentiful herds of meen that migrate from the southern coast up to Centre Lake. Because their tribe relies so heavily on the meen, their homestead follows the random migratory patterns. They will travel over a thousand leagues in a year to keep up with the herds.

The Wachi use ogons for travel, and have perfected the art of Sokolokolokos, which is the taming of wild animals.

Because of their nomadic nature, other tribes have problems with them. They will often camp in tribal territories and cause land disputes. Adding to their diplomatic problems, they also have little to trade with, except for their exceptionally crafted meen products such as furs, tents, drums, and bows; however, this is insufficient for steady trade.