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The War of Time's End[]

21,894 - 21,901 GST

Negatron's brother Chronos, master of time as Negatron was master of space, returned from another galaxy and decided to lord it over the new Antheonoid species. Negatron took offense at this to such an extent that he raised an army of magical constructs to fight Chronos. A Metromage, believing that his technology could oppose Negatron and Chronos, reorganized the Metromages into the Army of Geometron. Chronos also raised an army, recruiting Mimics and Malegians and giving them time-manipulation abilities. Geometron responded by recruiting absolutely anyone, and most chose the mortal army over the mysterious Chronos. Negatron remained aloof, allowing no one to join his army of magical constructs.

The battle raged for years, with defeats on all sides. It ended at the Battle of Forty Years, so named because the month-long battle took forty years off the lives of Chronos' warriors. Replicating themselves a hundred or so times proved a distinct advantage to Chronos' armies, but all that proved meaningless when Geometron sneaked up on Chronos and shot him in the head. To the utter dismay of all involved, this created a shockwave in the Antheonic wormhole system, which began to tear the galaxy apart. Fortunately, Negatron was paying attention, and managed to stop the shockwave with only a minimum of damage. Outside of the Malegus System, the disruption could only be detected as an anomaly in very sensitive experiments.