Civilian Spacecraft[]

V-Wing Mothership[]

This is the largest speceship in the V-Wing fleet. Its cargo bay can carry 6 payloads, and it is used for a variety of long-term space exposure missions as well as travel to the colonies.

Delivery Truck[]

This spaceship has a bloated hull and a small cargo bay, allowing to carry 3 payloads. It is used for re-stocking the V-Wing Mothership.

V-Wing Fighter[]

V-Wing fighters are small, two-person craft used for intercity ntransportation in planets with smaller atmospheres than Unistarch's. They are called fighters because their rocket engines combined with aerodynamic looks make it appear similar to Waterbien science fiction.

Shraak I Communications Drone[]

This hovering drone acts as a relay to get messages out of Shraak I's heavy atmosphere.