Waterbe Year
Unit sign WY
Measure Time
Base Unit Waterbe Year
Multiple of Base 10^1
System Shraak System
Common usage For saying historical dates.
In 0 WY, Waterbe invented vehicles.
SI 1 WY = 127,805,550 seconds
Imperial 1 WY = 4 1/20 years
see also: Waterbe Units
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Waterbe dates are measured from when they first developed vehicles, which was around the year 21,948 GST. One Waterbe Year is about 1.5 GY.

The time is measured from Waterbe City, with Waterbe City being 0 waterbe standard time, and other colonies written with a different number. Each number equates to around 30 degrees longitude.


The main Waterbe currency are WCU. For comparison, this is what they could buy a Waterbe:

  • 1 WCU - Midrange computer
  • 10 WCU - New land vehicle
  • 100 WCU - Small countryside house
  • 1 KWCU - Normal house in Waterbe City
  • 100 KWCU - Large office building