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Wisps are creatures that live in the Wispy Woods of Authlanis. They are considered the natives of Uule Country (Wispy Woods) and exist as the vast majority of the Uule population. Wisps are small, humanoid creatures, about 110 to 150 hairs high. Their skin is a pale blue color and their hair is navy blue. They have translucent butterfly-like wings and can fly up to thirty teeth per wheel in an open area.

Wisps are not actually made of organic matter; they are made of pure energy and a material similar to the Wispy Trees. When they die they turn brittle and decompose like a branch fallen from a tree.

Their life force is Wisp Magic, a combination of water and air energy. They are able to manipulate and conjure many aspects of water and air with a simple thought. Because of their relationship with water, they are able to eat it as food. Their power rests on their powerful connection to the Wispy Trees, so when they are without contact with the trees for a long period of time they become ill and, in some cases, die.