The Worldworms[]

The worldworms are huge creatures composed primarily of magnetite. They make up nearly the entire planet, and their movement makes the speed and direction of the planet's rotation variable. However, they also move very slowly, taking about a galactic minute to move one nanopar. The dust of the world is magnetite that wears off the bodies of the worldworms. The worldworms re-ingest this magnetite along with any magnesi that happen to be in that spot, which they use for energy.

Worldworms never reproduce and almost never die. The only recorded case of a killed worldworm resulted from the crash of a large starship into the surface of the planet. Several weapons detonated on impact, and only eighteen of over six hundred crewmen survived. It took the rescue team several tests to verify that the lump of rock directly beneath the ship was indeed dead. The Magnesi made up a new word for the occasion, ".8-/.6-/.6-/.5+-(+)+/.4-/.2-" (see Magnesi Particle Code), an almost random expression of panic and horror. It is interesting to note that their reaction makes no mention of aliens or war - it simply means "Worldworm dead."

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