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Common Attribution: Wotovik

Categorical Attribution: Wotovik

Population Detail: 9 million


Native Aragithians, Wotoviks are a large Kelosian-like species that originated from Zaiin. Unlike Kelosians, however, Wotoviks are covered in brown fur. Although they are native to Aragithia, they are not creations of the Creator, but of the Dark One. Wotoviks are carnivorous, cunning, and despite their large size extremely stealthy. Their brute strength is unmatched by any of the other races.

Due to their being created for warfare, their lifespan is extremely short. Wotoviks reproduce asexually, causing their species to remain at exactly 9 million for all time. From the first day a Wotovik is born, an infant Wotovik is being developed in the womb. When the adult Wotovik dies, the baby inside it eats it's way out and devours the rest of the parent. It is told by some in Wotovik society that each Wotovik baby is exactly the same Wotovik that it devoured, but its memory has been lost, yet that there is a way to restore the creature's memory. This theory of reincarnation has never been proven but some still believe it.

Average height: 13.201 MDU

Average weight: 62.536 SMU

Lifespan: 20 GY

Notable Wotoviks[]