A typical Male Wulfren, although they range in color from Blacks to Browns to Whites.

General Information[]

Categorical Attribution[]

Cainus Auspices

Evolutionary Star System[]

Valka System

Evolutionary Planet[]


Star Systems of Prominence[]

Valka System

Population Data[]


2 Billion


750 Million


60 Million

Civilization Class[]

Class C

Social & Political Structure[]

 Tribal Kratocracy:Rule by the strong; a system of governance where those who are strong enough seize power through physical force, social maneuvering or political cunning. The process can mimic Darwinian selection.[]

Have a good grasp on stellar and interstellar travel. Wulfren ships are heavily armed and armoured, typically Wulfren stay in fleets/ colonies. It is uncommon for Wulfren or their ships to be found alone.

Rift technology: Using special isotopes (RFT177), Wulfren scientists discovered the ability to shift matter through subspace at extremely high velocities. The technology to do this however is very large and are built like space stations that launch ships to their destinations.  The station must be large enough for the ship. Some ships, or even personal technologies have the ability to create these fields, but these examples are few and far between.