Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport
Interstellar Spaceport Code MPC
Completed 1875 AKR
Owner Cosseli Metropolitan Authority
Spaceport Type Public
Hub for Ma'Palan Space

United Galactic

Regional Hub for {{{Regional Hub}}}
Terminals 15
Destinations 4541 Permanent

1024 Seasonal

Runways 10

Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport is a spaceport located in the Spaceport District of Cosseli. It is the busiest spaceport, in terms of overall traffic, in the Quadrant and the third busiest in the Galaxy.

Wyndryll is owned and operated by the Cosseli Metropolitan Authority, which owns all three spaceports in the city. Wyndryll is the primary hub for both Ma'Palan Space and United Galactic. It is also a regional hub of almost one hundred other spacelines, including Jeji Spacelines and Silei Spacevoyages.

Wyndryll lies about fifty thousand Ki south of the Cosseli Central Government District. It has ten operational runways that serve twelve operational terminals. Terminal 14 is under construction and is slated to be finished by early 2753. Terminal 8 was closed in 2748 for massive renovations, which are projected to be finished by the end of the year. Despite being originally constructed almost one thousand years ago, the CMA constantly puts money into improving the spaceport to accommodate the ever-increasing tourism.


Wyndryll is located forty-seven thousand Ki from the CMA Center, which is on the edge of the CGD. It is located in a Southwest direction from the CGD.

Wyndryll Operations[]

Wyndryll handles arrivals and departures from over 400 spacelines, some regional, but most Interstellar. There are over 15,000 commercial launches a day, but can handle well over 45,000, which lends to Wyndryll's reputation as being relatively prompt.


There are currently twelve operational terminals at Wyndryll, with the remaining two to be completed within the next year. The terminals are placed in a circle around the ten runways.

There is a Cosseli SkyTram station at each of terminals, including the ones yet to be opened.

Spacelines and Destinations[]

Passenger Service[]

Airlines Destinations Terminal
Ma'Palan Space Agrysis, Castenona City, Castenona Regional, Eden City, Iscoron, Lita, Nabrillaari, Nubeva, Serina, Talaesa, Tehatteel, Yuci 12
Silei Spacevoyages Agrysis, Castenona City, Eden City, Iscoron, Nabrillaari, Nubeva, Serina, Talaesa, Tehatteel, Yuci 3
Yuci Galactic Agrysis, Castenona City, Iscoron, Nabrillaari, Nubeva, Serina, Talaesa, Tehatteel, Yuci 3