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Yodsni Flag

The flag of Yodsni.

Yodsni is the mainworld of the Threelight System. It is an important member world of the Independent Coalition of Systems, lying on a major trade route. Much of external trade is done through the Yodsni Highport, since the planet itself has been in the grip of a dictatorial regime for centuries.

The planet's main exports are diamonds and related carbon-based minerals. Much of the planet's diamond is found in geologically unusual, cylinder-like veins, also known as "pillars" (generally only used for veins that extend above ground) or "wells". Many of the veins are controlled by the government, for on-planet use only. Some veins, however, are "occupied" by rebel and/or ICS commerce groups. Yet others are protected for conservation purposes. Other gemstones, such as rubies, are also plentiful on the planet, though few of them also form pillars.

The ICS generally has a policy of remaining neutral in wars on Yodsni, except when there are war crimes.