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Yuci Galactic
General Information
Interstellar Launch Code YIG
Founded 1582 AKR
Hubs Galactic Center Spaceport- Silei

Parovya Spaceport- Yuci

Regional Hubs Anglundias Spaceport- Jeji

Actur Spaceport- Nabrillari

Albarnona Spaceport- Actandya

Egica Spaceport- Crelina

Erias Spaceport- Yaeebah

Germernius Spaceport-Roustloth

Litharica Spaceport- Jogau

Company Information
Fleet Size 356
Type(s) of Craft DSC-787

DSC-767 DSC-747 DSC-818

Destinations 267
Parent Company Yuci Galactic
Headquarters Yuci
Key People Ianada Meisya - CEO
Average Number of Launches 126,000

The Yuci Galactic Co. is a privately held company that provided commercial spaceflights around the galaxy. This company is the largest spaceline in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The company currently operates over 125,000 launches per year.



The Yuci Galactic Co. was first created in 1582 AKR by Jawan Kethan I. The first spaceflight was carried out in 1590 out of Galactic Center Spaceport to Parovya Spaceport, in a DSC-747. After this first successful flight, the company ordered several more DSC-747s, and a few of the, then new, DSC-787.


The company steadiliy added destinations for about 200 years, which also required the purchase of several new spacecraft. In the year 2400, Yuci Galactic awarded a contract for 160 spacecraft was awarded to the Danouarri Orbital Shipyard. It was decided that 100 of these craft would be the DSC-818, which was, at the time, still in conception, and to be the largest of the DSC line.

Sulladra Disaster[]

In the year 2738 AKR, there was a large pirate attack on a planet in the Natilag System. This caused a diversion of all spacecraft into the Sulladra System. This diversion caused a disruption along the busiest spaceroutes, the one leading to the Galactic Center. The diversion brought about 100 spaceflights into range of a previously unknown black hole. About 10 of Yuci Galactic's fleet were in the area; only four of the craft were destroyed in the incident.


The Yuci Galactic fleet is composed of 356 spacecraft, 260 of which are made by the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards, the other one hundred were split up among ten shipyards. The largest component of the fleet are the one hundred DSC-818 craft. 60 craft are the DSC-787's, and the remaining one hundred are DSC-747 craft. The four craft lost were all DSC-787's.