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The Zea are an Antheonoid species, directly created by the Antheons. In this respect they are similar to the Ednardians. Though they are not capable of ordinary interstellar faster-than-light travel, they have the technology to teleport between galaxies by means of the intense gravity generated by a pair of supermassive black holes. Therefore, the Zea are spread throughout the universe, but have never colonized or even seen a planet outside of the Galactic Core. In general, the Zea only colonize one planet in each galaxy they visit.


The Zea are driven by two conflicting urges: the urge to reproduce, and the urge to be alone. Together, these instincts drive the Zea to spread across the universe, never colonizing one area very heavily. The Zea alternate between these drives in phases, which results in huge pulses of colonization followed by periods of reproduction before the next surge of exploration. Each long-colonized Zea planet may be home to as much as a hundred Zea, which is small by the standards of other species.

The Zea have only three names: Gzi ("this person"), Agz ("that person"), and Zeg ("other person"). When there are more than three Zea around, they are never friendly enough to use names, so the Zea have never needed more than three names. When a Zea travels, he often must change his name.