Zirvalla III is the capitol of the Cerith sector. This is where the Zirvalla Council meets.

Forest Planet by letopolaris

Zirvalla III, Eastern Hemisphere

Planet Information[]

Temperate World[]

Fully colonized[]


20 Billion[]

  • 40% Het-Phritti
  • 20% Bessan
  • 15% Wulfren
  • 15% Kestari
  • 10% Mirid


  • Advanced Electronics

Various complicated electronics, requires a sinifigant amount of recources and infasctructure to produce. 

  • Luxury Goods

High end goods that can include Luxury shuttles to fine silk robes. 

  • Pharmasuticals

Any Medicines or related chemical compounds.

Points of Intrest[]

  • Capitol

The largest city on Zirvalla III, and in fact the capitol of the planet itself. This city is home to nearly half of the total polulation, sprawling an entire continet in the western hemisphere. 

  • Zirvalla Council Chambers

A large gleeming tower in Capitol, the Zirvalla Council meets here once every KC . One of the most advanced buildings on Zirvalla III.

  • Western Wilderness Reserves

Almost the entire eastern hemisphere is a nature reserve, this helps to filter out pollution, and is a great touris attraction for Zirvalla III.


Navy - 148 Active Ships[]

  • 10 ZBM-12 Battleships
  • 6 ZBM-9 Battleships
  • 8 ZCM-20 Carriers
  • 6 ZCM-6 Carriers
  • 20 ZEM-21 Escorts
  • 30 ZEM-14 Escorts
  • 8 ZRM-15 Corvetts
  • 32 ZFM-19 Frigates
  • 16 ZFM-16 Frigates
  • 12 ZFM-4 Frigates
  • 1 ZFM-1 Frigate - Museum


600 Million