Zirvalla Time System (ZTS)[]

The time system established by the Zirvalla Council to create a uniform time to use on all worlds and in space to ensure proper communication.

Time System[]

Tick (T)[]

A tick is the equivalent duration of a second earth time.

HectoTick (HT)[]

100 Ticks = 1.4 Earth minutes

KiloTick (KT)[]

100 HT = 1.4 Earth hours

Cycle (C)[]

10 KT = 16.7 Earth hours

HectoCycle (HC)[]

10 C = 69.4 Earth days

KiloCycle (KC)[]

100 HC = 694.4 Earth days


Time Index[]

Time is measured by KC, for example 0KC was when the standard time was first established at the first Zirvalla Council meeting.